Landing My Dream Job

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to work at Starbucks. Using words alone can literally not explain why I want to work there so bad! I spend so much time there on the daily – studying, catching up with friends that come home from University, chatting with my parents or simply going in for a drink while I’m out running errands. The barista’s are always so friendly and welcoming; each time leaving me with a reason to smile and appreciate what they do. I am happy to say I have never had a bad experience there! It is also amazing the level of trust everyone there has with another… So many people leave their laptops or electronics at their table to get up and go into line, take a call outside or when they need to use the bathroom. It is refreshing to experience this – now a days people can be so disrespectful towards others possessions.

I had applied to Starbucks multiple times over the past year to all locations  close to my home. I kept getting denied online. I finally landed an interview a few months back after re-approaching the manager at a local Starbucks telling them I was still highly interested in working there. I went in for an interview, but I assume my answers were not what she wanted to hear… therefore, I never heard back from her. A few months went by and I got discouraged because not one Starbucks had contacted me or accepted my application – keeping in mind though that they must receive MANY applications online, and for mine in particular to get noticed would be far fetched. Luckily though, a new manager was brought to the same store I had been interviewed at.

A couple of weeks passed and I started to think about applying again – I had nothing to loose right? So just the other day, while I was catching up with a friend whom had just gotten home from a vacation, I noticed the new manager was in. Their personality made me instantly feel the confidence to re-apply. I got their attention and pulled them off to the side where I introduced myself – no resume in hand – I asked if they were hiring. To my luck they were! (Starbucks is always hiring on the daily!) To my luck I was given the chance to come in for an interview! I was ecstatic, I spent the night before prepping with my friend, going over as many interview questions as I POSSIBLY could. I was ready. I thought to myself, this is my dream job and I was not going to let it slip through my hands again. I was so confident, more than I ever had been.

Today as I got ready for my interview, I went over my answers in my head… this time was probably easier because I was familiar with the questions that would be asked. I went in and was greeted by one of the Barista’s who told me to take a seat and they brought me over a Green Tea (Emperor’s Cloud & Mist to be exact – my favourite simple green tea). The manager came over and instead of directly getting into the behaviour questions we spoke a bit. This made me even  more comfortable than ever, and I instantly felt confident to open up about my life – the conversation flew so easily! The manager was an amazing person to sit with an be interviewed by, whether I got the job or not, I was happy to have spoken with them; so that the next time I went into Starbucks I would get a long really well with them! I believe a manger who shows true compassion, respect and loyalty is important to a company and stores’ success. They were very down to earth!

After being interviewed by the manager, a Barista, whom was in the process of becoming store manager, came over. They were super friendly and had a great British accent! They were sent over to get a second opinion of me – this was very brief but fun! The manager then came back over and asked if I wanted to hear the good or the bad news first. To be honest, my heart sunk just a BIT and I asked for the bad… “The bad news is we won’t be able to train you for a couple weeks… the good news is WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU ON BOARD”. I totally freaked out inside, and replied “yay!” haha! I wouldn’t be trained for a few weeks since next week is Happy Hour or ‘Frappy’ Hour and it would be to crazy for the Barista’s to train me and get all of the Frappachino’s made in a timely manner. That was perfectly fine with me since I have to put in a notice to my current job about my withdrawal from employment there.

I could not be more excited, I cannot even explain! This whole process has taught me that you should NEVER give up in what you believe in. Good things come from bad, it just takes time. 


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