My Opinion on Lash Extensions

My friend was the first to get them and they looked absolutely amazing on her. Then, I started to notice a lot more people starting to get them and became really interested. I was nervous though that I would ruin my full, dark lashes that I naturally had. But I decided to go for it and try it out a few times – which turned into six months!

I decided to go with the natural option, and kept them at a decent length. I fell in love instantly! It cost me $130 to get a full set. I got one fill four weeks after this, which was $40. The next time I decided to get them filled was at a new salon, after seeing their work on Instagram. This time I chose to go with Ellipse lashes (thicker and darker than natural) because I wanted them to be more bold, this was $55 since the Ellipse is a little more expensive than the Natural lashes.

The more fills I got, the more I fell in love. They were easy to upkeep too, washing them gently with the lash shampoo and patting them dry ever so lightly. I didn’t wash them as often as I should have but I never experienced build up of night eye ‘crusts’ or any dirt build up along the lash line. I went every three to four weeks for a fill too, $55-65 each time. You can choose the length of time you wish to have them filled (i.e. one week fill, two week fill, extended fill), each costing a smidgen more than the other.

New Years came around and I wanted them to be SO FULL and BOLD, so I asked for Russian Volume that time around, and continued to fill them as Russian Volume for a few weeks after, up until I got them off. Russian Volume was amazing, though if your looking for a natural look I would opt for Natural or Ellipse. (Cashmere lashes are also gorgeous alternative to Ellipse!)

I decided to get them off to give my natural lashes a break and because I had three different kinds of lashes on my eye that were just being filled over and replaced for the past six months. When I did get them off, my natural lashes were short and I didn’t have anywhere near as many as I had previous to putting lash extensions on. But I do not regret getting lash extensions, and plan to get them in a few months before I leave for vacation!

Though getting lash extensions as a student with a part time job, meant giving up going out to eat, or getting fake tans, nails, etc. more regularly than I would have liked, but my lashes did look REALLY good – which made me feel good! I woke up every day feeling gorgeous because of them and it cut my morning routine time in HALF. I stopped wearing face makeup and just went au natural with my extensions.

To help them grow I have been using caster oil (which you can find at your local Nutrition store or supermarket) and Nature Bounty’s Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies with Biotin (also found at your supermarket, superstore, Drugstore, etc.)

Here are some links to check out Nature Bounty’s Product:


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