My Healthy Summer

Going through an eating disorder and anorexia earlier this year, along with being in a program I was not interested in at school, caused a lot of stress to be put on my body. It caused me to lack sleep, nutrition and simply the opportunity to have fun. My life was very toxic and I am excited to make changes to it over the summer!

I have decided to take more time to myself – whether that be cooking new nutritious recipes, going to read a book at a coffee shop, walking along the beachfront or spending more time relaxing at home when I need it. I have seen so many recipes on Instagram and Pinterest that I am excited to try out! This ranges from fresh fruit salads, to garden vegetable salads, smoothies, home-made burgers and granola bars, yummy desserts and so on. I also want to try to focus a few days a week to eating a plant based diet and having more fish portions for protein (I do lift heavy weights at the gym and need to make sure I get enough protein (and fats/carbohydrates) to maintain my muscles and hormone levels). I really want to put a focus on eating mostly WHOLE foods this summer, while still treating myself here and there to ice-cream, cakes and pizza when I am out with friends or on vacations. Balance is key!
One thing about protein intake I really want to change is drinking protein shakes. I find I depend on them way too much because they are fast and simple to take after a workout or when I lack protein at the end of the day.

Along with getting a more nutritious diet, I plan to hike new trails and waterfalls. I want to aim to walk a total of 30km a week, so I can feel more refreshed (and get a nice tan!). My friends and mom love to do this too so I always ask them to tag along! I like to bring KIND bars to snack on if the walk is a little longer. KIND bars are one of my favourite granola bars because the ingredients are pronounceable and natural, and they provide good carbohydrates and fats for a ‘pick-me-up’ mid day.

One last thing I want to do is start to incorporate more Vitamins, matcha powders, cod oils and other healthy supplements into my daily regime to nourish my body and help make my skin glow.





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