Too Much Energy on Leg Day

I have always loved going to the gym, more recently I have gotten into weight training and pushing myself to lift heavier every time. I spend a lot of time on the internet researching different types of workouts that stick to the basics – nothing fancy – to make sure I hit each muscle properly. A lot of workouts incorporating weights involve mind to muscle connection, to make sure you are contracting the right ones so that you can progress physically.

I absolutely love training legs! I have seen such great results by hitting them 2-3 times a week, mixed with SHORT HIIT training intervals on other days of the week. I am currently trying to lean out whilst still focusing on building muscle.

Here is a longer leg workout from the other day – I was crawling after this, and into the next day! I don’t normally do such lengthy workouts but I had so much energy and was loving the burn this day!


  • Kettle bell swings 3×20
  • Sumo deadlift (light weight) 4×20


  • Sumo squats weighted 3×12
    SS: Jump Squats 3×15-20
  • Close legged squat  on smith machine (quad focused) 3×15
    SS: Cable squats 3×15-20
  • Split squats 3×12
    SS: Jump squat 3×15-20
  • Landmine squat (hold bar between legs) 3×15
    SS: Jump squat (in & out) 3×20 – pulse on last for 20seconds
  • Wide stance leg press 3×8
    SS: Close legged stance leg press 3×8-10
    SS: Calf raise 3×15 weighted, (unweighted):3×20 toes in, 3×20 toes out
  • Leg extension 3×15 (start heavy-drop weight as needed)
    SS: Dumbell RDLs 3×12

Walk on treadmill for 5-10 minutes & stretch to cool down!



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