The higher the price, the better the quality?


I have never known much about whether there was a difference between buying a cheap, $7 pair of sunglasses, or a $500 pair – besides having a designer’s logo on the side. Just recently I picked up my first pair of pricier sunglasses and I now understand the importance.

When we buy cheap sunglasses we are tricking our eyes – and they are not being protected from the sun, which can lead to problems in the future. By buying pricier glasses we get the options of them coming polarized which is extremely important to protect our eyes from UV rays and reflections that could distract us while driving, etc.

In no way am I saying you NEED to go out and buy an expensive pair of sunglasses. It is still a GREAT idea to have cheap ones on hand for trips where you feel you may loose them in the water or at the beach, or even while doing outdoor sports and activities where they may break. But, I highly recommend you wear sunglasses with protection whenever you are out in the sun and feel that they will be safe from getting damaged. Some examples of when you should be wearing highly protected, polarized sunglasses are while your in the car, shovelling snow or sitting on the beach tanning.

If you are someone who thinks ‘expensive’ to be over $300 dollars, then you are in luck! I have found a few sunglasses, comparable to well known designers, that are just as stylish and great to have! I will list lower priced sunglasses and higher priced for those who have a little extra money to spend! These are ONLY options that I find suit my style, but DO browse the other options for each brand.

Also, always look out for sales & understand a lot of sunglasses from different brands have the same, comparable styles! Just remember, your paying for the NAME at the end of the day. A good example of this is the well known Aviators by Ray Ban – this style is carried by all designers and at different prices – but they all look the same!


  • Michael Kors:
  • Ray Ban:
  • Coach:


  • PRADA:

CHEAP SUNGLASSES (To wear in the water, playing sports, etc.):

  • H&M:
  • FOREVER 21:

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