About Me

I am currently 19 years old located in Canada. I am a University student who is switching from a Bachelor of Commerce degree to a Bachelor of Science. After going through an eating disorder of seven years and Anorexia for two, I have realized that the right path and direction for my life to head is towards studying Nutrition and Food – with the final goal of becoming a Registered Dietician.

I enjoy different forms of activity, such as going to the gym to lift weights, walking outdoors when it is warm, yoga and kickboxing. Growing up I was a very active kid who took part in many sports (i.e. bowling, volleyball, soccer, dance and cheerleading).

I created this blog with the intention of entertaining those who come across it while they surf the web! I am excited to share my life with you, beauty & fitness tips, travel experiences and to provide an example of how a 19 year old in school, with a nearly full time job, still is able to balance life, friends and family while having fun!

The meaning behind my blog name?
My dad has always called me dolly growing up! I thought it would be perfect to name my blog based on it!